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Wellbeing Weekly

Jan 23, 2019

Do you find yourself procrastinating on tasks or projects event though you know logically that you're capable?

Do you struggle to put yourself out there, take action or get started with things out of fear of failure or criticism?

This week I'm joined by Mindset Coach for Perfectionists, Sam Laura Brown, and we're talking all about how perfectionism can impact entrepreneurs and hold you back, and also how to move through it.

We cover Sam's business journey and her own struggles with perfectionism, how perfectionism can show up, the sneaky ways that you could be holding yourself back and Sam's top tips on moving beyond perfectionism and taking messy action.

Show Notes:

Connect with Sam Laura Brown

Podcast: The Perfectionism Project

Instagram: @samlaurabrown


Wellbeing Weekly


Instagram: @wellbeingweekly