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Wellbeing Weekly

Nov 27, 2018

Do you often experience thoughts that are intrusive or distressing and cause you to act in a way that neutralises the thought or calms you?

Do you have an strange or repetitive behaviours or rituals that you feel compelled to do, such as counting, checking locks, or asking for reassurance?

This week I'm joined by Ali Greyond, from You Have OCD, and we're talking all about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is a mental health condition that involves a person having an intrusive thought, often about a negative consequence, and they calm or manage their distress by acting out certain mental or physical compulsions.

We cover Ali's experience with OCD and how she used her experience to help others, what OCD can look like and the various subtypes, why it can pop up for business owners and what you can do to manage the symptoms.

Show Notes:

Connect with Ali Greymond

Instagram: @youhaveocd

Wellbeing Weekly


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