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Wellbeing Weekly

Nov 12, 2018

Do you have a business idea or business and aren't sure how to balance work and home life?

Are you thinking of starting a business but also wanting to start a family or already have children, and not sure how it will all work together?

This week I'm joined by Tracy Harris, from Mums With Hustle, and we're talking all about managing children and a business and how to make it work for you. Tracy built up her business while also raising her family and shows us that it is more than possible to create a fulfilling home life and work life at the same time.

We cover Tracy's story of building her business, some of the struggles and 'mum guilt' that can surface, some of the ways mums can move past internal barriers to starting their business and some simple steps on how to progress in your business while also taking care of your family.

Show Notes:

Connect with Tracy Harris

Instagram: @mumswithhustle

Wellbeing Weekly


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