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Wellbeing Weekly

Sep 25, 2018

Do you find often let your fitness be the first thing to go when you get busy?

Do you say to yourself or others - "I don't have time to exercise" or "I'll do it later"?

This week I'm exploring how you can keep fitness as a regular part of your to-do list (that you actually do) and make time for movement and exercise, even if you're running a business or household or both! I'm joined by personal trainer Dell Farrell to talk all things fitness, self love and movement because movement can not only help to improve your physical health but can also assist your mental, emotional and spiritual health leading to more energy to put back into your biz and life!

We cover how you can integrate fitness into your life, why the good ol' "I don't have time" excuse may be a cover for something bigger, why entrepreneurs can struggle with keeping up their fitness and more!

Show Notes:

Connect with Dell Farrell:
Instagram: @delllifts

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Wellbeing Weekly
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