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Wellbeing Weekly

Jun 11, 2019

*Adult language

Do you find yourself spread across 100 planners, never really remembering what you wrote in each one...or worse, where they all are?!

Do you struggle to plan out your business AND life, leaving you feeling rushed, overwhelmed and jumping from spot fire to spot fire?

This week I'm joined by inspiring Solopreneur, Emma Lewis, who is the owner & creator of all-in-one planner business Canvast Co. She supports tenacious, game-changing babes who want to take control of their life, map out their success and own their happiness with her luxe planner and other products.

We cover why it's so important to intentionally plan your schedule in business and life, why you need to schedule time for yourself in your week, how to still enjoy your life while running your business and so much more! There's also a special offer for you to get your very own Canvast at the end of the episode!

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